An introduction

Hello beautiful people, I am Ramiro and this is my second semester of the course. When I finish up (hopefully before) I see myself working in a public library setting. I like people and always felt that libraries create a strong sense of community cohesion. Mmm, what am I good at? I’ve had a fair bit of experience in the performing arts, specially acting so I’m not bad in that regard. I also love playing sax. How good I am at it I’ll leave up to my neighbours to decide. One of my jobs is as a Spanish-English interpreter and I’m pretty good at that. I’ve also taught Spanish on and off over the years and I know my students love my class. I generally like being in a position to help people. I’m also the king of spontaneity, probably because I detest planning…why, I’m not sure. That’s probably why I like people who are organized. The people that know me…would say I’m a great listener. Anyone that knows me well would also say I’m great at being a total clown and love to have a laugh. They would also tell you that I love music. If I could choose a strength? This reminds me of when people ask you ‘If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?’ If I could be better at something, I would choose being super-organized and having the capacity to plan things out a lot more. Ok folks, that’s it from me this week. See you in class or in blogland. Cheers


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