Reflections on Twitter

I am new to Twitter.

This feels like some sort of a confession but to my delight quite a few of the guys in class have committed the same crime. We are all about to do time together.

Seriously though, I had been curious about it for a while so I am happy to be put in a position where I have to satisfy that curiosity. True confession? I have an aversion for social media…there is a level of apprehension about the Twitter chats, I’ve heard it’s fast and furious and I hope to be able to contribute in a meaningful way. Practice makes perfect, I guess. I have to admit I find the term ‘chat champion’ hilarious every time I hear it. But I am looking forward to it and it clearly is the main social network tool in the industry so it’s great to be learning how to use it properly.

I think once I get my head around the mechanics of it I will enjoy using it. There is a certain sense of immediacy to it, a relevance that Facebook simply stopped having years ago. It might just be the final push that makes me delete my Facebook account. Sorry, Mark.


One thought on “Reflections on Twitter”

  1. Twitter is a sophisticated platform now and although i only use it professionally, I find it a useful tool to monitor trends and to measure the information flow against other outlets as a balance. It will be interesting to read your thoughts about the different social media platforms at the end of the semester and see if you have changed your mind on the efficacy of some of the platforms. Tonight will be a learning curve for everyone.


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